Jeff Backer, Jr. - Working for Minnesota
About Jeff

A lifelong resident of Western Minnesota, I grew up in Browns Valley with my parents and identical twin brother, Jay. During high school, we started our own lawn business. We also worked with our father in his independent mechanic business as well as working with area farmers. The money we saved was used to help pay for college.

In 1990, my twin brother and I started our business, BW Inc., in Browns Valley. Like most small businesses in greater Minnesota, we’ve experienced both good years and challenging years. Through it all, we’ve worked hard to provide good products at fair prices and treat our employees like family. I’m proud to say we’ve succeeded.

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Small business owner and second term state legislator joins ticket

(Woodbury, MN) – Republican candidate for Governor Mary Giuliani Stephens today announced she has selected Browns Valley Republican State Representative Jeff Backer to join her campaign as Lieutenant Governor. The Stephens-Backer ticket will be seeking endorsement at the June 2 Republican Party convention in Duluth.