Traditional Marriage

Traditional marriage of a man and woman is the bedrock of any society throughout all of history. In fact, it is as old as the Garden of Eden when God created Adam and Eve and blessed their union as husband and wife.

Some claim that marriage was “invented” by government and therefore government has the right to modify the definition of marriage to whatever it deems best. It is true that the state is involved in the preservation of marriage by ensuring that both man and wife have legal protection in civil law and criminal law. For example, laws of inheritance, property rights, and contractual obligations allow for a married couple to be treated differently than unmarried people. In criminal law, there are also protections for either partner. Bigamy and rape are examples concerned with maintaining the sanctity of marriage. Therefore, the State’s role is not to modify the definition of marriage, but to preserve marriage.

I do not endorse same sex marriage or same sex civil unions because both undermine traditional marriage. By allowing same sex marriage, there is no reason to prohibit polygamy or other “creative marriages.” I firmly believe that only traditional marriage between a man and a woman should have legal recognition by the state.

And as we all know, on supporting traditional marriage, Metro Jay was away – far away – when he voted to legalize same-sex marriage. His vote was a slap in the face to over 64 percent of his constituents – Democratic, Republican and Independent – who voted in overwhelming numbers against same-sec marriage. In Mr. McNamar’s home town of Elbow lake, 64.19 percent of voters supported traditional marriage, a fact seemingly overlooked by McNamar.

When traditional marriage is not defended, families will not have the same stability essential for raising the next generation. The state will become the final authority over the definition of marriage and this definition will be held hostage to whatever political powers that be. It is essential to defend the traditional marriage that has worked over the centuries rather than use marriage for “social experimentation” that some so vocally advocate.

I will defend and support traditional marriage.