Jeff’s take on jobs creation

So often the phrase “create jobs” is bantered around—especially in an election year. It sounds like politicians or the government can create jobs in the same fashion as in “Let there be light”. In reality, public jobs are not “created”; money is simply reallocated from the private sector to the public sector. If public jobs were considered true employment, all jobs should be government jobs and full employment could speedily be accomplished.

The truth is that productive private jobs cannot simply be created. Rather, a business climate must be fostered so that someone(s) will take a risk to start a business, thus potentially employing people and starting a real payroll. Small businesses provide most of the jobs in the state of Minnesota, and in all of the United States, for that manner. All states hope for large businesses to come and build a new plant and employ thousands of people, but it usually remains just a hope. Therefore, Minnesota must plan for a business climate that both encourages and rewards risk-taking entrepreneurs.

Providing employment gives dignity to the citizens. They can care for themselves and their families and not look for government welfare or handouts. With private income, people own houses, cars, and invest in their community. A sense of ownership in the community develops, and they become better and more productive citizens.

Competitive tax rates, reasonable labor and environmental regulations, and a legal atmosphere that discourages frivolous litigation all promote business. Other states, especially border states, have a more favorable business climate than Minnesota. We can learn from them and beat them at the competition game. The recipe for doing this is simple: just imitate what they are doing.

I wish I could simply “create jobs” with the wave of the wand. Regrettably, there is no such magic wand. Instead, I will strive to create a favorable business climate. I own a small business employing fourteen employees. I know what small businesses need and want. Larger businesses want the same thing. I am personally qualified and experienced to lead in the creation of a good business climate with the accompanying jobs, and better communities that will follow.