Jeff’s perspective

When addressing current issues, here are a few things we would like to point out:

  • Jeff is a small business owner who has a successful track record of creating jobs, the greatest need we have in rural Minnesota. He knows how to balance a budget and pay the bills on time. He’ll bring his small business, job creation common sense to state government.
  • Jeff is a new, fresh face with new ideas. He’s not one of the “good old boys” who have put Minnesota in the mess we’re in now.
  • Jeff has the energy, the enthusiasm, the stamina to get the job done well. He’ll provide service WITH A SMILE!
  • Jeff is a mayor, a past president of the Lions Club, a volunteer EMT and an active member of our community.
  • There is a history of bipartisan cooperation in funding flood control projects. Both Republicans and Democrats have supported flood control projects. That’s a given. Jeff brings the “on-the-ground” experience of actually working through the issues that need to be addressed to get the flood control projects completed.
  • Jeff understands that the best thing the state can do is remove the regulatory burdens that impact farmers. The fact that five different agencies regulate water policy highlights the problem. Jeff also knows farming is a business and as a small business owner, he understands they face the same challenges.

When taking all these things into consideration, we can see that Jeff has the knowledge to address the following issues with experience and confidence.

JOB GROWTH: Bring new jobs to Minnesota through an improved small business climate and provide retraining and education opportunities for displaced workers.

EDUCATION: Fair education funding for Greater Minnesota schools, reform and accountability to ensure dollars are spent in the classroom.

AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE: Health care that preserves consumer choice, increases competition and effectively utilizes new technology — not a government run system.

FLOOD CONTROL: Provided effective leadership for Browns Valley Flood Diversion Project.

Check back often… More details coming soon.