Jeff Backer to run for McNamar’s House seat

Reprinted courstesy of Fergus Falls Journal.

Small business owner and former Browns Valley Mayor Jeff Backer filed for State Representative at the Traverse County Courthouse, officially submitting the necessary paperwork to appear on the August 12 primary ballot as the endorsed Republican candidate. Backer is seeking the House District 12A seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

“I am honored to file for office as the endorsed Republican candidate and look forward to both the primary and general election campaigns,” Backer stated. “While filing for office makes my candidacy official, the truth is we’ve been working hard to meet, listen to and learn the concerns and priorities of folks in western Minnesota for well over eight months,” Backer said.

The District 12A seat in the Minnesota House is currently represented by first term Democrat incumbent Jay McNamar of Elbow Lake. McNamar was elected by a narrow 255- vote margin in one of the closest legislative elections in Minnesota in 2012.

Backer lists his legislative priorities as the promotion of job creation and growth of main street economies; a reduced regulatory burden on farmers and small business owners; fair education funding, reform and accountability; and support for seniors, pro-life, pro-family and Second Amendment initiatives.

“Jay McNamar may be a pleasant person, but as a politician, he is out of touch with his rural constituents. Instead of standing up for our rural concerns, he’s voted overwhelmingly with the extreme liberal left of his Democratic Party. He has voted to raise taxes, increase burdensome regulations on farmers and small businesses and legalize same-sex marriage. Those aren’t the rural values of people in western Minnesota, whether they are Democrats, Republicans or Independents.

McNamar is not representing rural values but instead Metro ones. Since he has abandoned his voters, we need to place someone in office who not only understands and embraces rural values but who also will fight for them,” Backer stated.

Backer has 14 years of local government and school board service in addition to serving his state and community as a member of the Minnesota Board of Police Officers Standards and Training, volunteer ambulance EMT, member of the Lions Club and as an active volunteer in his church.

“I look forward to continuing our hard-working campaign and meeting people at their doors, community celebrations, parades, county fairs, athletic events and church suppers. Comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome. I invite people to learn more about my campaign at,” Backer concluded.