I Back Seniors

It’s the season for crazy accusations, campaign falsehoods and downright lies…

…and Democrat Jay McNamar and his liberal metro allies are trying to hide from their lockstep support of the failed Obamacare/Mnsure insurance program.

Dear Neighbors,

When the “Backer-backers” team began our campaign for state representative over a year ago, we knew it was going to be a hard fought contest in which our common-sense conservative solutions to the challenges facing Minnesota would be questioned. That’s what campaigns are all about.

But never did we believe we would be attacked for our commitment to senior citizens.

However, it’s not a surprise given Democrat Jay McNamar’s lockstep support of Obamacare and MNsure that has resulted in massive rate increases, at least 140,000 existing insurance plans eliminated, bonuses for bureaucrats and over $160 million spent on a website that still doesn’t function as promised. Let me be perfectly clear.

With two parents who receive Social Security and Medicare, I strongly support federal programs to ensure their financial and physical well-being. Any t.v. or radio ad or campaign mail piece that suggests otherwise is simply a campaign lie intended to scare seniors. As an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for the Browns Valley Ambulance Service for 18 years, I am committed to helping my parents and all senior citizens lead healthy, independent and dignified lives.

As we approach Election Day, I ask you to subject any questionable campaign ads or mailers to the scrutiny they deserve. Better yet, please call or email me with any questions about where I stand on any issue.