Flood mitigation

One function of limited government is to provide for its citizens services and infrastructure they as individuals cannot provide for themselves. National defense, building of roads, Post Offices, law enforcement, building of dams and flood mitigation are other examples of the proper role of government.

There is a very real problem with flooding along the Red River in our district. These recurring floods have cost millions of dollars to the affected communities. While the rainfall and snowmelt cannot be controlled, the effects of flooding can be mitigated. I have had personal experience with such flooding while being Mayor of Browns Valley. A diversion channel was constructed to divert the excess water away from the city. Although other solutions may be needed for different communities, this was the most cost effective way to deal with our problem.

However, funding was only part of the flooding solution. Equally important was working with the dual state agencies of South Dakota and Minnesota and private land owners. An equitable agreement was reached for all parties concerned and I was proud to help make it happen. It took time and a lot of patience but the results were worth it.

I have firsthand experience in dealing with all the challenges of flood mitigation including securing funding; working with other state, county and local governmental agencies; and coming up with a solution to make sure we were not taking our problem down stream.