English as the official language

My position is that English needs to be the official language of the United States.

There has been a lot of discussion concerning whether or not English should by law be made the official language of the United States. It would solve a lot of problems where so many labels have to be made in three or four languages. In addition, many government forms now have to be bilingual or in some cases multiple languages.

Historically, America was founded as an English speaking nation. Over time, many immigrants came to this nation of hope from all over the world to seek freedom and opportunity. They could not speak English but were very willing to learn the language and culture of their newly chosen country. In fact, it would be impossible to seek citizenship if one could not at least speak and read English well enough to apply for the requirements of citizenship. Most immigrants considered it normal to learn the English language if they were to get a job and support themselves and their families. Typically, the children of immigrants learned English very quickly and attended public schools which only taught in English.

If one chooses to immigrate to a country, it is appropriate that they should be expected to learn that country’s language rather than expect the country to learn theirs. America is a melting pot of many languages and cultures. The quickest way to assimilating to the American culture is to at least learn the language. Without learning the language, many doors of opportunity for immigrants are closed because of the language barrier. To demand the right to cling to one’s native tongue and expect the chosen country to adapt to you shows an attitude of not really leaving the former country or embracing the new country. It also seems to convey ingratitude to the new country. In essence, it portrays an unwillingness to become a complete citizen and the associated necessary allegiances to the new country.