Common Questions

Why are you seeking this office?

I am running for State Representative to faithfully and diligently represent the common- sense values held by the families, farmers and small business owners of Big Stone, Douglas, Grant, Pope, Stevens, Traverse and Wilkin counties. My experience as a small business operator with 14 employees provides me with the job creation and economic development experience our state needs at this time. The incumbent has held office for less then 2 years and his voting record has quickly become much more lock and step with liberal Minneapolis and St. Paul legislators. “Metro Jay is away” and it’s time for a new voice to advocate for our rural Minnesota priorities and values.

How does your background make you the best choice?

As a small business owner, active community volunteer, past mayor, school board member, my personal values and governing principles were formed and are deeply rooted in the communities of western Minnesota. Our state is among the best in the nation, and our future is bright, but we must replace career politicians who have failed our state with citizens who have real world experience.

What issues are most important in this election?

Job retention, job creation, rural economic development, preserving agriculture and restoring fiscal responsibility to state government are the key issues facing Minnesota. Government’s role must be to remove the regulations and barriers that impede the creation of small businesses. This type of private sector job growth will spur economic strength and provide jobs to our highly qualified workforce. Other key issues facing our rural communities include education, transportation, health care along with supporting the values and families of this district.

What would you do to increase the number of jobs in Minnesota?

I am proud to be a small business owner with 14 hard working, highly qualified employees. To spur job creation, legislators should implement fair tax policy and ensure a level playing field so small businesses can secure the capital they need to succeed in a competitive market. Reduction and/or elimination of the corporate tax is another option that has bipartisan support as it is widely known to be a regressive tax that stunts business and job growth.